CI Solutions

Digital Marketing Cohort
Students work with businesses and non-profits, to get hands-on learning and connect with the entrepreneurial community.

We learn by solving your problems

Student Operated Since 2020

Why CI Solutions?


Our multi-disciplined cohort pulls from a wide network of academic and professional partners.

Fully Remote

Fully equipped to navigate the rapidly changing workplace. We communicate more freely and are able to meet more flexible demands than a traditional marketing agency.

Problem focused

Problem-focused learning creates a process where driven students find creative solutions through collaboration, feedback, and revisions.

Project-Based / Problem Focused

A modern approach to hands-on learning.

Just a few things we have worked on

Event Marketing

Fully integrated marketing campaigns, promotion

Email Marketing

Email automation, copy writing, template design

Order Intake Design

Automated workflows, form builders


Front end web design, graphic design, content creation

Research / Consultancy

Brand management, rebranding, feasibility, partner training, and workshops

Social Campaigns

Posting schedules, template design, specialized strategy

and so much more...

Some of our amazing partners

Let's work together!

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Awards are given for points and achieved through performance.


Badges awarded for training. They unlock new paths to journey down.

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Our library of resources is open to all pathway wanderers.